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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan offers a range of benefits. It’s for pregnant women, children, families and adults who meet income requirements. There are no costs to you for Medicaid benefits and services. View the benefits below to see all that our plan offers.

This is a current summary of health services and drug coverage provided by UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Nebraska. A detailed description of the benefits can be found in the Member Handbook.

Plan sa a disponib nan tout konte yo.

Avantaj & Karakteristik

Swen pou moun ki ansante ak Moun ki malad

Get the care you and your children need to stay healthy — or to be at your best. Li gen ladann:

  • Unlimited PCP Visits. See your primary care provider (PCP) as needed.
  • Shots and Vaccines. Routine shots help protect against illness.
  • NurseLine℠. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7.
  • Lab and X-rays. Lab tests, x-rays and diagnostic imaging are covered.
  • Therapy Services. Physical or other therapy to help you be your best.
  • Foot Care. We provide special care to keep your feet healthy.
  • Hospitalization. You pay nothing for care in a hospital.
  • Chiropractor Services. Limited chiropractic visits are covered
  • Lead Screening. Can be done in the doctor’s office or local health department.
  • Prescriptions. No copayment.

Pa gen anyen ki pi enpòtan pase sante ak byennèt oumenm ak tibebe w. Se poutèt sa plan avantaj nou yo gen ladan: 

  • Choice of Birth Centers. Pick from our large network of hospitals or Birthing Center.
  • Choice of Doctors. Find a doctor you trust for your pregnancy care.
  • Healthy First Steps®. Extra support to help you and your baby stay healthy.
  • Prenatal Visits. Care for you before your baby is born.
  • Text4baby. Text messages with helpful tips and reminders for you and your baby.. 
  • Baby Blocks™. Earn rewards for taking steps to keep you and your baby healthy.
  • Community Baby Showers. Education on prenatal and postpartum care.
  • Electric Breast Pumps covered.

If you or a family member has special health care needs, you can count on us. Our plan will provide the extra care and services you need. Avantaj yo gen ladan yo: 

  • Asthma, Allergy, Heart Failure, CAD, Depression, Diabetes and COPD Care. Exams, testing and supplies are covered.
  • Care Management. Get personal help managing health conditions.
  • Mental Health and Substance Use Services. Get caring help to meet your recovery goals.

Asire ke kapasite pou ou wè ak pou ou tande nan meyè eta yo kapab ye. Avantaj yo gen ladan yo:

  • Hearing. Tests, checkups and hearing aids, if needed.
  • Vision. Routine eye exams, plus frames and prescription lenses are covered. 

Vision Provider Lookup


If you are recovering from a serious illness or surgery, you may need extra support. Our plan includes the care and equipment needed to recover safely at home. Avantaj yo gen ladan yo:

  • Equipment and Supplies. In-home medical and safety equipment are covered.
  • Home Health Care. Medical care in your home, if needed.
  • Skilled Nursing Facility. Brief stay at a skilled nursing facility while you recover from sickness or injury.

Gendèfwa, ou ka bezwen yon ti èd anplis pou w itilize plan sante w la. Lè sa yo, ou ka konte sou: 

  • NurseLine℠. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7.
  • Member Services. Your benefit questions are answered Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. CT or 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. MT
  • Language Help. Connect to an interpreter through Member Services.
  • Pou sispann itilize tabak. Enroll with the Nebraska Tobacco - Free Quit Line and ask your doctor about support to help you quit.

Asthma, Allergy and COPD Care

Do you or a family member have trouble managing asthma or COPD symptoms?
You will get a customized treatment plan and medicine to:

  • Jere rechit yo.
  • Diminye sentòm.
  • Help you stay active.

Baby Blocks™

Build a health future for you and your baby — and earn great rewards — through Baby Blocks. This program helps keep you and your baby healthy during your pregnancy and your baby’s first 15 months of life.

Baby Blocks includes:

  • Email appointment reminders.
  • Fun program to keep track of appointments.
  • Reward gift cards for clothing and more.

Once you sign up, you can choose a $20 Old Navy gift card or a stylish diaper bag. The choice is yours.

Jesyon Swen

When a member has complex health care needs, a care manager can really help. Li pral:

  • Work with you and family members and friends on a plan of care.
  • Esplike tèm medikal yo nan yon langaj ki senp.
  • Coordinate your doctor appointments.
  • Provide your care team with your medical records. 
  • Make a referral to community social service programs.
  • Offer rewards like a gift card for chronic care checkups or well care visits.

Cell Phone Program


Eligible members can get health support with mobile phone service at NO COST to you from select Lifeline service providers. We want to help you stay connected!  Apply Now! Call Member Services at 1-800-641-1902, TTY 711 for assistance.. 

Children's Health Support

  • Rewards program for well-child visits.
  • 4-H program include information on asthma, food nutrition and healthy habits.
  • Dr. Health E. Hound® provides nutritional education and promotes fitness and healthy habits.

Chiropractor Services

Our plan includes limited visits for chiropractic care when ordered by a network physician.

Chwa Sant Nesans

Kote ou fè tibebe w lan se yon chwa ki enpòtan. That’s why you can pick from our large network of hospitals or Birthing Center.

Nou ankouraje tou pou w vizite sant nesans lopital la. This way you will be familiar with it and be better informed when you have your baby.

Chwazi Doktè

Each member can choose a primary care provider (PCP). Itilize zouti pou chèche Doktè a, pou wè si doktè ou nan rezo nou a.

PCP w la se doktè prensipal ou pou:

  • Swen prevantif.
  • Tretman si w malad oswa blese.
  • Care coordination with specialists.

For members who don’t have a doctor or whose doctor is not in our network, member services can help find a new one close by.

Swen Dantè

This service is provided by Medicaid and Long-Term Care. Contact ACCESSNebraska toll-free at 1-855-632-7633.

Sipò pou Dyabetik

If you have diabetes, we'll help make life a little easier for you. You'll get medicine, supplies and education to help you reach and stay your best. Our diabetes program also includes self-care training and classes focused on:

  • Jesyon estrès.
  • Viv yon mòd devi ki sen.
  • Wellness Rewards for getting needed exams.

Disease Management

If you have chronic or high-risk illnesses, our disease management services may help you. We provide support for:

  • Congestive heart failure.
  • Asthma.
  • HIV.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Coronary artery disease.

Ekipman ak Founiti

Our member’s health and safety at home are important.

Our plan covers medical equipment ordered by the doctor or care manager. Sa ka gen ladan founiti tankou:

  • Tank oksijèn.
  • Kabann lopital.
  • Chèz woulant oswa wòkè. 

Foot Care

Nou fè egzamen ou bezwen yo pou ede kenbe pye w an bòn sante. And if you have diabetes, good foot care can help prevent much more serious problems.

Our podiatry coverage includes:

  • Routine foot exams.
  • Tips about foot care and choosing the right shoes.
  • Information about nerve damage warning signs.

Healthy First Steps®

Our Healthy First Steps® program makes sure that both mom and baby get good medical attention.

We will help:

  • Find a doctor for both mother and baby.
  • Get good advice on nutrition, fitness and safety.
  • Get supplies, including breast pumps for nursing moms.

Swen oditif

Pwoblèm pou tande ka afekte lavi toulejou ou nan anpil sans.  Plan nou an gen ladan sèvis ak sipò pou ede pwoteje kapasite pou w tande (odisyon). 

Nou kouvri:

  • Exams, aids and tests.
  • Hearing aids and batteries.

Home Care

After surgery or a serious illness, you may need  in-home medical visit(s) to check on how well you are healing.

With approval, our plan covers:

  • In-home medical visit(s).
  • Medical equipment like hospital beds, walkers or wheelchairs.
  • Disposable medical supplies.


This plan pays for expenses related to a hospital stay, so our members can rest and heal.

Hospitalization coverage includes:

  • Swen enfimyè.
  • Chanm ak manje.
  • Materyèl ak ekipman.
  • Tretman ak terapi.
  • Tès dyagnostik ak egzamen.

And after leaving hospital, we can provide transitional care services. Nou asire ou jwenn swen swivi pou w kontinye geri lakay ou.

Hospice Services

Hospice services are covered when they are ordered by a physician.

Laboratwa ak Radyografi

Lè w konnen kisa pwoblèm lan ye e lè w detekte l bonè, sa ka fè tout yon diferans.  Plan nou an kouvri:

  • Laboratwa ak tès.
  • Radyografi, eskanografi, ak lòt tès imajri.

N ap ede w jwenn enfòmasyon ki nesesè pou amelyore sante w oswa pou w nan pi bon fòm ou. 

Èd nan domèn lang

If you have trouble hearing, you can get help by phone. Call the TTY Service at TTY 711. Ask them to call Member Services at 1-800-641-1902. They will connect you to us. 

If you don't speak English, you can get help by phone. Call Member Services at 1-800-641-1902. They can let you speak to someone in your language.

Members can get information in their preferred language. You will get member materials in English and Spanish. We can give you member materials in a language or format that is easier for you to understand. Mande tousenpleman.

Sèvis pou Manm

Gen dèfwa ou ka bezwen èd pou konprann opsyon swen sante w yo. Rele nou. N ap reponn kesyon w yo konplètman e avèk yon langaj ki senp.

We help you find:

  • Doctors.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Hospitals or other health facilities.
  • Local resources.

Mental Health and Substance Use Services

Inpatient, residential and outpatient services for mental health and substance use disorders are covered by UnitedHealthcare. The type, amount and length of services provided will be based on the level of your needs. Visit www.liveandworkwell.com.


Ou p ap gen yon kopeman pou swen ak sèvis plan nou an garanti.

This includes in network services:

  • Visits to doctors
  • Treatments at hospitals and clinics.
  • Home medical equipment and supplies to help you be at your best.


Medical questions and situations can come at inconvenient times. When you have questions about your health, you can call a nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our nurses will: 

  • Koute sentòm yo.
  • Help with self-care.
  • Ba w konsèy sou kijan pou jwenn swen kay yon doktè oswa nan yon sant swen dijans.
  • Ede w konnen kilè pou w ale nan sal dijans.

Over-The-Counter Drugs/Supplies

Covered 100% with your doctor’s prescription.  

Your health care costs may include non-prescription medicines and supplies like aspirin, cough medicine or a cane. Covered 100% with your doctor’s prescription.


Our plan includes prescription drugs and refills, and we make getting your medicine easy. Medicare and other insurance copays may apply. Ou ka egzekite preskripsyon ou nan:

  • Famasi lokal.
  • Sèvis ki fè livrezon adomisil.

When you have a prescription filled, be sure to check that:

  • It’s included on the Preferred Drug List (PDL). 
  • It’s written by a network provider. 
  • It’s filled at a network pharmacy. 
  • You show your member ID card when you have it filled. 

Prenatal Visits

Your pregnancy is a journey you’ll want to make with the help of friends, family and a pregnancy doctor.

All recommended prenatal clinical visits and tests are covered by our plan.

Nan vizit sa yo, klinik la ap:

  • Make sure both you and your baby are healthy.
  • Eksplike kisa pou w atann nan chak etap gwosès ou.
  • Reponn kesyon w yo.

Sispann itilize tabak

Most people know the bad health effects of smoking. And they know they need to quit. That’s why we encourage members to talk to their doctor about getting smoking cessation support. Counseling is covered when you enroll with the Nebraska Tobacco-Free Quit Line.  Medication for smoking cessation are available through Nebraska Medicaid. Call 1-800-784-8669

Swen Rezidansyèl

Apre yon maladi grav, operasyon oswa chòk ou ka bezwen swen enfimye ak terapi anplis.  If needed, our plan covers short stays in a skilled facility where you can heal. 

Sa ki genyen se:

  • Sèvis mezon retrèt.
  • Swen enfimye 24-èdtan.
  • Èd avèk aktivite lavi toulejou.
  • Terapi fizik, okipasyonèl, ak pou lapawòl.

Piki ak Vaksen

Routine shots help protect members and their family from illness. Plan nou an kouvri:

  • Vaksen kont nemoni, grip ak zona.
  • Vaccines and Immunizations.  Routine shots to help keep your child healthy.
  • Lòt piki ak vaksen ki rekòmande yo.

Sèvis Terapi

Physical, occupational and speech therapy can help you recover from a serious injury or illness, or simply reach your full potential. 

Our plan provides:

  • Terapi okipasyonèl.
  • Terapi fizik.
  • Terapi lapawòl.

Sèvis Transpò

Your coverage for transportation includes rides with National MedTrans for medical visits and other health related appointments.

National MedTrans provides dependable rides and excellent personal service. Your health care appointments are important, and they work to meet your unique transportation needs with 24/7 support.

Schedule non-urgent rides at least tthree business days before your appointment.

Urgent care and same-day rides are accepted.

Call to schedule rides at 1-833-583-5683 (TTY 1- 833-587-6527)

You can also learn more, schedule rides at www.natmedtrans.com/ne

Transplant Services

Covered when ordered by a network physician.

Unlimited Primary Care Provider Visits

There may be times when a member’s health requires repeated doctor visits. Our plan does not limit the number the number of visits to a primary care provider (PCP).  This way the members get the care they need. And the doctor can see how their health is progressing.

Swen pou vizyon

You'll get the care, eyeglasses and treatment that let you see life more clearly. Plan an kouvri:

·  Annual eye exams.
·  Prescription lenses.

This benefit is offered by March Vision.

Wandering and Elopement

We will provide members and families with door and window alarms (up to six per household) to help reduce wandering without caregiver awareness.

Vizit pou moun ansante

Well visits with your doctor can help keep you healthy. Vizit konsiltasyon sa yo ka ede detekte pwoblèm sante bonè, pou yo sa trete yo. Sèvis prevantif gen ladan yo:

  • Tchekòp pou granmoun ak timoun.
  • Piki ak tès woutin.
  • Mamogram.

Pa gen okenn kopeman pou swen prevantif yo.

Mother and daughter


The healthy advice you need from a source you trust. For parents, kids and teens.

Mother and baby


The Health4Me app makes it easy to find doctors, ER or urgent care centers near you, call Nurseline, view your ID card, contact member services.

Resous pou Manm

Gade Resous ki Disponib yo

Konnen Plis

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