At UnitedHealthcare Community Plan, we understand that the health care system can be complex and confusing. We know it can be especially stressful when your health care plan changes. UnitedHealthcare Community Plan will be with you every step of the way.

We want to make sure our members have access to the quality care they need and deserve. Our large network includes the doctors you already know and trust. That’s what you can count on with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan. View the list below to see what STAR Kids includes.

Language and Interpreter Services

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan has staff that speaks English and Spanish. If you speak another language or are hearing impaired and need help, call Member Services at 1-877-597-7799 or TTY 711 for hearing impaired.

If you need materials in audio, Braille, larger print and in other languages at your request. Please call 1-877-597-7799 for help.

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Avantaj & Karakteristik

Swen pou moun ki ansante ak Moun ki malad

Get the assistance you need to stay healthy — or to get better if you are injured or sick. And pregnant moms get extra support to keep you and your baby healthy. Li gen ladann:

  • Hospital Care. You pay nothing for care in a hospital.
  • Laboratwa ak Radyografi. Tès laboratwa, radyografi, ak imajri dyagnostik kouvri.
  • Transpò. We pay for rides to and from medical visits or pharmacy.
  • Well Visits. Annual checkups can help keep you healthy.

If your child has asthma, diabetes or another long-term condition, you can depend on us. The STAR Kids Plan makes sure your child gets the care and services he or she needs. Avantaj yo gen ladan yo:

  • Case Management. Sipò pèsonèl nan men yon pwofesyonèl ki gen eksperyans.
  • Asthma Support. Individual care to help control asthma or COPD.
  • Sante Mantal. Sèvis konsèy ak lòt tretman disponib.

Help protect your child’s sight, hearing and smile with these benefits:

  • Vizyon. Includes exams and $105 toward frames or contact lenses.
  • Odisyon (zòrèy). Tests, checkups and hearing aids, if needed, are provided.
  • Dantè. Most children and young adults age 20 and younger with Medicaid or CHIP coverage get dental services through a managed care dental plan. The two dental plans listed below provide services across the state for all Medicaid and CHIP members who qualify for dental coverage.
    • DentaQuest
    • MCNA Dental

Get the medical equipment, assistance and supplies you need to live safely at home. Avantaj yo gen ladan yo:

  • Personal Care. Someone to help with dressing, bathing and dining.
  • Ekipman ak Founiti. In-home medical and safety equipment are covered.
  • Swen Repi.. In-home help to give your caregiver a rest.

Sometimes you might need a little extra help using your child's health plan. Lè sa yo, ou ka konte sou:

  • Transpò. We offer rides to and from medical visits or the pharmacy.
  • Entèprèt. An interpreter can go with you to medical visits.
  • Language Help. Translated medical materials are available at no cost.
  • Sèvis pou Manm. Yo reponn kesyon ou genyen sou avantaj ou yo 24/7.

Read about all the extras your child could get as a STAR Kids member:

  • Healthy Rewards. Earn rewards for your child's preventive services.
  • Programs for Kids and Teens. Free Boys & Girls Club memberships.
  • Extra Benefits. Sports and school physicals offered at no cost.
  • NurseLineSM. Pale avèk yon enfimyè otorize 24/7.

Learn more about Value Added Services.

If your child or young adult is disabled or living with an illness, your child’s health needs are unique. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to meet those needs. We make sure you get all your Medicaid benefits and more.

  • Chwa Doktè. Find a primary doctor in your neighborhood. Your doctor can send you to thousands of specialists too.
  • NurseLineSM. Your caregiver can call our nurses for advice 24/7.
  • Medikaman. Get the medicine you need at a pharmacy near you or by mail order.
  • Vision and dental. Have regular eye and dental exams. Nou garanti linèt ak vè-kontak tou.
  • Sante Mantal. Nou garanti konsèy ak lòt tretman.
  • Service Coordinator. Someone to help you manage complex health conditions.
  • Transpò. We pay for rides to and from medical visits or the pharmacy.
  • Value-added benefits. Earn free gift cards when you take healthy steps. You’ll get rewards for yearly wellness exams, along with other benefits.

Our STAR Kids Plan is for persons on the HCBS waivers CLASS, HCS, TxHML, DBMD and in ICF-IDD facilities. Learn more here

Asthma and COPD Care

One hypoallergenic mattress cover and one hypoallergenic pillowcase for qualifying members with a diagnosis of severe asthma.

Jesyon Dosye

Èske pitit ou gen yon pwoblèm sante ki grav? If so, our case managers are in your corner. Yo pral:

  • Esplike tèm medikal yo nan yon langaj ki senp.
  • Coordinate your doctor appointments.
  • Provide your care team with your medical records.

Your case manager will stay with you on your child's medical journey. Li pral:

  • Think beyond your medical needs.
  • Make sure you have support at home.

Konsa w ap ka konsantre w pou ede pitit ou refè.

Chwazi Doktè

Pitit ou ap gen yon medsen swen prensipal (PCP) ki se doktè prensipal li. Itilize zouti pou chèche Doktè a, “Doctor Lookup” pou wè si doktè pitit ou nan rezo nou an. 

If your child doesn't have a doctor or if their doctor is not in our network, we can help you find a new one close to you.

PCP w la se doktè prensipal ou pou:

  • Swen prevantif.
  • Treatment if your child is sick or injured.
  • Rekòmandasyon kay espesyalis pou sèten pwoblèm medikal. 

Swen Dantè

Checkups, routine and emergency care are covered.

Exams and cleanings every six months help keep teeth and gums strong and healthy. Si gen yon pwoblèm dantè ki dwe regle, li garanti tou.

Ekipman ak Founiti

Plan nou an garanti ekipman medikal doktè w oswa manadjè dosye w mande. Sa gen ladann:

  • Hospital bed.
  • Oxygen tank.
  • Walker or wheelchair.

Extra Benefits

Sports and school physicals at no cost to you.

Our plan covers up to two free physicals each year so your child can:

  • Go to camp.
  • Join a team.
  • Play a school sport.

Healthy Rewards

An ounce of prevention can be worth a pound of cure. It can also be worth great rewards. Your child can earn great gifts for things like getting his or her yearly wellness exam.


This plan pays for all expenses related to a hospital stay, so your child can rest and heal.

Sa gen ladann:

  • Swen enfimyè.
  • Chanm ak manje.
  • Materyèl ak ekipman.
  • Tretman ak terapi.
  • Tès dyagnostik ak egzamen.

After your child leaves the hospital, you are not alone. We make sure your child gets follow-up care to continue healing at home.


Doktè pitit ou ansanm avèk oumenm, dwe konprann youn lòt. Lè w pa pale Anglè byen sa fè l pi difisil. We can arrange for a medical interpreter to be at your child's appointment.

We have people at our phone centers that speak more than one language. A service lets us connects with others that speak hundreds of languages.

Èd nan domèn lang

You can ask to receive information in another language. Then anything we write to you will only be in that language. This is provided at no cost to you.


We make getting your child's medicine easy.

There are no copays for covered drugs. You can fill your child's prescriptions at:

  • Famasi lokal.
  • Services that deliver routinely right to your door.
We also cover over-the-counter medicines with a written order from your child's doctor.

Sèvis pou Manm

Sometimes you might need a little help understanding your child's health care options. With us, you have someone you can call 24/7. N ap reponn kesyon w yo konplètman e avèk yon langaj ki senp.

Nou ka ede w tou pou jwenn:

  • Home care providers.
  • Dantis ak founisè pou vizyon.

Sante mantal

Sante mantal toutosi enpòtan ke sante fizik. That's why we have the same coverage for both.

Swen obligatwa kouvri a 100% san kopeman. Sa gen ladann:

  • Terapi konpòtmantal.
  • Medikaman.

You pay nothing for covered services.


While your health care is low-cost or free, the care quality is high. You get:

  • Care from highly skilled and compassionate doctors.
  • Treatments at respected hospitals and clinics.
  • Home medical equipment and supplies to help your child be at his or her best.


Medical questions and situations come at inconvenient times. When you have questions about your health or your child's health, you can call a trained nurse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enfimyè nou yo ki nan NurseLine pral:

  • Tande ki sentòm ou di l ki prezante.
  • Gide pou pran swen tèt ou.
  • Ba w konsèy sou kijan pou jwenn swen kay yon doktè oswa nan yon sant swen dijans.
  • Suggest you go right to the emergency department.

Personal Visits

If needed, we provide someone to help with:

  • Dressing.
  • Bathing.
  • Feeding.

Programs for Kids and Teens

We provide free memberships to local youth organizations, like the Boys & Girls Clubs or Neighborhood Centers, Inc. (NCI) in your area.

Along with fun and games, these clubs offer help with:

  • Homework.
  • Mentoring.
  • Coaching.

Respite Care

We provide respite care to give caregivers a rest. Respite care offers caregivers time away from their loved one who has special care needs to run errands or just relax.

Service Coordinator

Every STAR Kids member gets a service coordinator. Your child’s service coordinator will visit with your family in person to go over your child’s health care needs. At these visits you will talk about the services your child is getting and other services your child may need. 

Together you will create a care plan that works best for your family. Your care plan may include:

  • Acute medical services.
  • Behavioral health services.
  • Primary care services.
  • Special care services.
  • Value-added services.

Your service coordinator can also help you.

  • Arrange care with your primary care provider and with specialists.
  • Connect your family with community programs and additional services.
  • Answer questions about benefits.
  • Help coordinate benefits with other providers.

Transition Specialist

What is a Transition Specialist? What will a Transition Specialist do for me?

For children with special health care needs, the transition to adulthood often brings many changes. A Transition Specialist can help you understand and plan for these changes. All STAR Kids members have access to a Transition Specialist.

How can I talk to a Transition Specialist?

If you want to speak with a Transition Specialist or have a Transition Specialist as part of your Care Team, let your Service Coordinator know and he or she can help you.

Sèvis Transpò

Whether you live in the city or in the country, rides are available. Our plan provides up to round trips to and from plan locations. This includes trips to and from the pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

Vaccines and Immunizations

All of the immunizations your child needs are covered.

Swen pou vizyon

Your child can get the care, eyeglasses and treatment that lets him or her see life more clearly. Coverage includes $105 each year toward frames or contact lenses.

This benefit is offered by certain stores and retailers

Resous pou Manm

Resous pou Manm
Tcheke Kalifikasyon


Rele pou enskri jodi a.

7 jou pa semèn
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time

TTY: 711

Aprann etap yo pou ou enskri.

Jwenn detay yo.

More information on eligibility and enrollment can be found on the Texas CHIP & Medicaid website.

For information in alternate formats, like large print, Braille or audio, please call Member Services.


Èske w manm deja?

Èske w manm deja? Ou gen aksè pou w ale sou sit Entènèt nou an ki pou manm yo sèlman. Enprime Kat Idantifikasyon, kominike avèk yon enfimyè pandan w sou Entènèt la, epi fè plizyè lòt bagay toujou.

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